George Foulkes’ Buffoonery

April 28th, 2008 6 Comments »

George Foulkes
George Foulkes – not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Update 28/12/08: The drunken Lord Foulkes is in the news again for two reasons.  He’s been rumbled for a huge expenses claim for travel between Edinburgh and London to do his second job. He’s also been heavily criticised for talking utter pish in the Scottish Parliament.

Since he was given his own column in the Edinburgh Evening News, George Foulkes, the drunken Baron of Cumnock, has provided us Hibbies with an almost constant source of entertainment. Today, the disgraced achoholic MP came out with this garbled pile of doo-doo.

Incredibly he seems to be under the impression that Vladimir Romanov might take notice of his rambling, unreadable rant. He really does not seem to understand the situation as it stands. But then, the land of reality where most of us exist is as exotic a place for poor George as it is for many of his ilk. Anyone remember when he got pished, fell over, got arrested then claimed he’d been mugged before finally being charged with assault and drunken buffoonery – I don’t think that was the exact legal term but he got a hefty fine and booted out of his comfy job on the front bench.

Or what about the time he tried to claim £45,000 for expenses on a flat he himself owned? As I say, a thin grasp on reality.

Anyone remember the next time he got “mugged” on a trip to Europe with the Jambos? Pished again, unsurprisingly.

It goes on and on really but here’s a wee bit of a Hibby bating highlight from todays opus:

George Foulkes in an open letter to Vladimir Romanov;

“I mean, are you not embarrassed, even a little? Your team finished below Hibs, a side that will no doubt achieve zero debt by summer. Do you find that in any way acceptable? That a far superior sporting organisation as Hearts with a more loyal fanbase and greater potential, slides below a team that hasn’t won a Scottish Cup in over a century?”

Told you he was barking. :lol:

Tommy Burns, dead.

April 23rd, 2008 5 Comments »

Rumours abound that Tommy Burns is seriously unwell and has possibly died already. Sad news if true but most interestingly, how come none of the major news sources are reporting it?

For the record, it sounds like he’s on the way out but rumours of his death are unfounded.

15/05/08 Edit: It was announced today that Tommy Burns has now died. Very sad news for Scottish Football and obviously, for his family and friends. RIP Tommy Burns

Easter Road from a crane

April 19th, 2008 2 Comments »

Here’s a great image of Easter Road Stadium as seen from a crane:

Easter Road Stadium

Hearts’ AGM

April 19th, 2008 2 Comments »

The annual Edinburgh comedy festival took place in the Gorgie Suite in Tynecastle yesterday. Roman Romanov hoasted the 102nd and possibly last Heart of Midlothian AGM and, true to form, it turned into farce.

Romanov explained his team’s bottom six finish to the season by saying the league is “fixed” and Hearts were screwed by referees. Presumably all six teams above them have been bribing referees.

And it gets worse….

The Hearts chairman was unable to advise whether Roman Bednar is under contract with Hearts, Kaunas or A.N.Other.

He advised that he hasn’t installed a new manager because – “it’s very difficult to find a manager. Most managers are already out of a job” . WTF? If they’re out of a job then they’re perfect, surely?

Then the real bombshell, part I of the big stadium climb down:

“Finally we’re having real progress,” he said. “Now we’re just deciding which stand we want.

“If the fans don’t want a big complex we’ll put three or four options to them. Of course the final decision will be ours. If the public are concerned about debt we might go for a cheaper option.”

Who would bet against them building either the cheapest possible option or nothing at all?

Hibernian v’s Dundee United Flashback

April 16th, 2008 No Comments »

Hibs play Dundee United on Sunday at Tannadice Park. The game is live on Setanta at 2pm for those who don’t want to or can’t make the journey. To get you in the mood though, here’s a wee video from August 1994 – Was it really almost 14 years ago? Jackson, Harper, O’Neill, Mcallister and others really turned it on that day…..