Mixu Paatelainen – another Hibs manager to quit?

July 28th, 2008 3 Comments »
mixu paatelainen

Mixu Paatelainen

Strong rumours abound in Edinburgh that Mixu Paatelainen has quit Easter Road, although this was denied on Talk 107 this morning.  The strength of the rumours is such that I’d be tempted to say there must be something in them.  I’ve no idea what really, my personal guess would be that unless money is made available to sign players, Mixu may be on the way out.

Hibs have not yet signed a player in the close season although there is a press conference tomorrow to announce something.  More than likely the signings of Steven Thicot, Fabien Yantorno and Joe Keenan.  None of whom are names that excite any Hibs fan I’ve spoken to.

When he was Hibs manager Tony Mowbray made public statements about not being able to take the club further and it was obvious why he left when he did.  John Collins left, actually stating outright that the board had not supported him after they had sold the best players that were left at Easter Road.  Could this be the start of our third manager’s disgruntlement on the same issue within three years?

If it is then the board at Easter Road, who are deeply unpopular with fans as it stands now anyway, will find they may have gone too far with their lack of support for the footballing side of what they only see as a business.

A football club needs good football players and a decent manager.  Hibernian and Rod Petrie in particular got lucky in bringing in a good manager in Tony Mowbray who got the best out of a great group of youngsters and managed to bring in a few bargains.  That team was sold by a board who have made no effort to replace them.

The Hibs board continued to sell during John Collins’ reign and he failed to bring in good players on the cheap.  It now appears that all is not well down Easter Road way and who would bet against the board and wage structure being the root of the problem?

Steven Thicot – Hibs new signing?

July 24th, 2008 3 Comments »
steven thicot

steven thicot

Okay, we lost 6-0 to Barcelona tonight, you can read about it everywhere else. In the second half, a new player came on and it appears to be a 21 year old French player, Steven Thicot. Here’s a translation from the French Wikipedia.

It has all the hallmarks of a few other not great signings we’ve made in the not too distant past. He looked reasonable tonight with the ability to pick out a pass but it wasn’t really the game to be judging players.

The announcer called him “Steven Thicot” when he came on rather than “trialist” which suggests he has signed for the Hibees already.

Good luck, Steven Thicot.

Sir Alex comments on the situation at Tynecastle

July 24th, 2008 No Comments »

In an interview to the Mail Online, Sir Alex Ferguson came out with the following:

DO you think that as more and more clubs are bought by foreign billionaires, you are going to see more interference by them?

Aye, you are going to get interference more and more from a manager’s point of view. I think there are signs of that. I mean the guy who owns Hearts takes the team out to the manager.

Tamas – Celtic deal is really off

July 24th, 2008 No Comments »

I jokingly put out a headline about the extremely boring Tamas/Celtic saga being off a week ago.   It snared a few thousand Celtc fans, who took the prank with varying degrees of grace (see the comments).  Now, it appears from reports today that the deal has actually fallen through.  It seems that the biscuit tin is alive and well at Parkhead as they have refused the player’s wage demands.  120 years of copying the Hibees continues.

Anyway – Hibs Blog, first with all the best exclusives!!!!

Falkirk stand up to Rangers’ and Celtic’s bullying

July 22nd, 2008 1 Comment »
Rangers & Celtic partake in mutual fellation

Rangers & Celtic fans are known to partake in mutual fellation

Falkirk have rejected Rangers’ and Celtic’s demands for a 5% cut of sales they make to their supporters for away games.  The Bairns, who play Rangers on the first day of the new season, have decided to sell the tickets themselves and should have no problems in doing so.

Dundee United play Celtic on 17th of August, that being the next away game for one of the Old Squirm.  It’ll be interesting to see what line the Arabs take in this, as they will be next to show their hand.  Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston has already described the Rantic action as stirring up a hornets’ nest.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Hibs handle the situation.  Normally I would expect our board to act as spinelessly as they usually do but in this case, it’s about taking money out of Hibs’ pocket – and there’s no way any Old Firm thief is getting a chance to dip the Velcro sealed pockets of Farmer, Petrie and Lindsey.

If the clubs stick together on this, Celgers will have scored a massive own goal for their fans who will have to go out of their way to buy tickets from different clubs each week.  They will still sell out away ends up and down the country but it might be that there will be more local Huns and Tims going to the games than the usual sectarian rent-a-mob.  Maybe it’s a good thing after all?  I’d take characterless glory hunters polluting my street ahead of the pale, unwashed, nylon clad, bigot hoards that currently visit.