Falkirk stand up to Rangers’ and Celtic’s bullying

July 22nd, 2008 1 Comment »
Rangers & Celtic partake in mutual fellation

Rangers & Celtic fans are known to partake in mutual fellation

Falkirk have rejected Rangers’ and Celtic’s demands for a 5% cut of sales they make to their supporters for away games.  The Bairns, who play Rangers on the first day of the new season, have decided to sell the tickets themselves and should have no problems in doing so.

Dundee United play Celtic on 17th of August, that being the next away game for one of the Old Squirm.  It’ll be interesting to see what line the Arabs take in this, as they will be next to show their hand.  Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston has already described the Rantic action as stirring up a hornets’ nest.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Hibs handle the situation.  Normally I would expect our board to act as spinelessly as they usually do but in this case, it’s about taking money out of Hibs’ pocket – and there’s no way any Old Firm thief is getting a chance to dip the Velcro sealed pockets of Farmer, Petrie and Lindsey.

If the clubs stick together on this, Celgers will have scored a massive own goal for their fans who will have to go out of their way to buy tickets from different clubs each week.  They will still sell out away ends up and down the country but it might be that there will be more local Huns and Tims going to the games than the usual sectarian rent-a-mob.  Maybe it’s a good thing after all?  I’d take characterless glory hunters polluting my street ahead of the pale, unwashed, nylon clad, bigot hoards that currently visit.

Tamas – Celtic deal is off

July 17th, 2008 62 Comments »

Only kidding, ya bunch of fannies! Feel free to leave a comment….

Note for fans of the first team to wear the green – they’re like flies round Celtic park when they hear any news about whatever Euro-journeyman they’re about to sign.  It’s fun to snare a few….

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Rangers fans moan about SPL fixtures

June 16th, 2008 11 Comments »

RangersThe SPL Fixtures for 2008/2009 came out today as expected.  Amazingly, they’re not as bad as they usually are.

However, Rangers have already started complaining about next season, months before a ball is even kicked.  According to the Evening Times, “Rangers fans chief Jim Templeton today reacted with fury as the SPL unveiled the fixtures for the new 2008/2009 season.”

What is his “fury” about?  They have 3 away games out of the first four in the season.  Let me repeat that, 3 out of four, not 3 in a row.  Rangers play Falkirk away, then Hearts at home, then Aberdeen away, then Celtic away.  That’s two away games in a row and he thinks it’s a conspiracy.  Where do they find these guys?  I know the self styled Hibs fans leaders tend to be jumped up officious little men too but this guy really takes the Jaffa Cake.  It’s almost worth reading the article as you can just imagine the small minded bigot getting really angry in an Ian Paisley style over this perceived injustice,  veins popping out his blood engorged head because they have to play two away games in a row.

Actually if you take it further, Rangers have 3 away games out of their first six games.  To me, from moaning the way they are, it sounds like they’ve given up before the league has started, and no wonder with the negative team Walter Smith is continuing to build.

They appear to be the only team in the league who are making a big hoo-ha about the SPL fixtures this year.  Could it be that for the first time the SPL has not simply given the Old Firm the best fixtures?  They’re simply not used to not being pandered to.

It seems, from trawling the message boards etc. that all teams seem to have some minor gripe.  That’s to be expected, not everyone is going to have a perfect fixture list.  For Hibs, we get a derby at New Year for the first time in ages but yet again, it’s away from home.  But that’s a minor complaint compared to the nonsense we’ve endured over the last few seasons.  Kilmarnock and Inverness over the festive period, no New Year derby, playing teams three times away from home etc.

Here are the fixtures for the Hibs Fans cribbage tournament which takes place before league games:

Sat 9th Aug … Away v Errshur Killie

Sat 16th Aug … Home v Bairns

Sat 23rd Aug … Away v Caley Fistle

Sat 30th Aug … Home v ‘Well

Sat 13th Sept … Home v Arabs

Sat 20th Sept … Away v Accies

Sat 27th Sept … Home v Huns

Sat 4th Oct … Away v Dons

Sat 18th Oct … Home v Gunts

Sat 25th Oct … Away v SDB’s

Sat 1st Nov … Away v St Midden

Sat 8th Nov … Home v Caley Fistle

Wed 12th Nov … Away v Arabs

Sat 15th Nov … Home v Dons

Sat 22nd Nov … Away v ‘Well

Sat 29th Nov … Away v Bairns

Sat 6th Dec … Home v SDB’s

Sat 13th Dec … Home v Accies

Sat 20th Dec … Away v Huns

Sat 27th Dec … Home v Errshur Killie

Sat 3rd Jan … Away v Gunts

Sat 17th Jan … Home v St Midden

Sat 24th Jan … Away v SDB’s

Sat 31st Jan … Home v ‘Well

Sat 14th Feb … Away v Errshur Killie

Sat 21st Feb … Away v Caley Fistle

Sat 28th Feb … Home v Bairns

Wed 4th Mar … Away v Accies

Sat 14th Mar … Home v Gunts

Sat 21st Mar … Home v Dons

Sat 4th Apr … Away v Arabs

Sat 11th Apr … Away v St Midden

Sat 18th Apr … Home v Huns

SPL fixtures 2008/2009

June 15th, 2008 2 Comments »

SPL logoThe SPL have used a company called Optimal Planning Solutions to work out the fixture schedule for next season after they completely botched it up over the last few seasons and resorted to blaming fictional “fixtures computers”.  Criticism has mounted over the last few years and since it now seems to be affecting the Old Firm too, something has been done.

This year the SPL claims to have taken the following into account as things to avoid:

  • Celtic or Hamilton playing away from home on the first game of the new season
  • Clubs having to play four out of five games either home or away.
  • Long journeys in midweek or over the festive period.
  • Clubs having to play two successive home or away matches several times.
  • A lop-sided home or away balance to midweek matches.
  • One club having three home or away matches against another.

Notice there is no mention of attempting to get an Edinburgh derby at New Year.  Still, if they manage all of the above, it’s got to be an improvement on last season’s woeful fixture list.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

No doubt the SPL fixtures copyright Nazis will be out in force, attempting to shut down any website who publishes the fixtures without their overpriced license.

Celtic fan gets a ride

June 10th, 2008 25 Comments »

celtic kitA couple of kids rides appear to have been stolen by a Celtic fan from outside shops in Edinburgh. The BBC reports that the Bob the Builder and Tractor Tom rides were stolen by a man between the ages of 30 and 40, with grey hair and a grey and white hooped t-shirt.

Hygienically challenged Celtic fan steals kids rides – BBC

EDIT: Many thanks to all the Celtic fans who pointed out that their strips are green and grey hoops rather than grey and white hoops.  Apologies for any offence caused.