Jun 10

celtic kitA couple of kids rides appear to have been stolen by a Celtic fan from outside shops in Edinburgh. The BBC reports that the Bob the Builder and Tractor Tom rides were stolen by a man between the ages of 30 and 40, with grey hair and a grey and white hooped t-shirt.

Hygienically challenged Celtic fan steals kids rides – BBC

EDIT: Many thanks to all the Celtic fans who pointed out that their strips are green and grey hoops rather than grey and white hoops.  Apologies for any offence caused.

25 Responses to “Celtic fan gets a ride”

  1. malceye Says:

    Bob the builder and tractor Tom? Sounds like Hibees central defence.

    Tell me – Is it 105 years now ?

  2. Jimmy Bhoy Says:

    It was Chelsea, or Hearts, or Accies fans dressed like Celtic fans.
    Just like Manchester.

  3. hector Says:

    Celtic. Grey and white hoops?…is it colours or words you have problems understanding?…I could never be described as one to miss a dig at our weedgie cousins either but jesus suffering f@*% this is a poor excuse for an article. I feel robbed of the time it took me to read and follow the link…Pish.

  4. rpey Says:

    GREY and white hoops?

    Hnmm spot the error anyone?

  5. Derek Riordan's Medals Says:

    Grey & white moron, no green mentioned.

  6. Alabama Says:

    Colour blind? Little to be talking about you lot! You’re fans shame the green and have no appreciation of your roots. Most Hibees don’t even know that Hibernia is Latin for Ireland. I’m right, aren’t I?

  7. kilcoolecelt Says:

    what a sad sad sad report .
    and you will still win f##k all ha ha ha ha

  8. Jim Kerr Says:

    Hibs fan takes away ALL doubt, that Hibs fans are unselfaware & GUILTY of the pseudo-insults They level at others, especially Their SUPERIOR, by opening Their Mouth …. HAIL HAIL !!!! CHAMPIONEES CHAMPIONEES CHAMPIONEES <– That’s THREE Championees in a ROW !!!! …. SUFFER !!!!

  9. hoopy Says:

    maybe you should read the article the bbc describe the man as ” white, 30 to 40 years old, with shaved grey receding hair. He was wearing a t-shirt with grey and white hoops, dark jeans, and white trainers.”

    You shoukld note for future reference that we wear green and white hoops, maybe we are moving so fast on the park they just look like a grey blur to you.

    enjoy the summer !!!

  10. Conor Says:

    Chortle, chortle

  11. Hoopy Says:

    Hail Hail Champions again you great unwashed fae enburgh………….

  12. Damian Says:

    Grey and White – when have celtic played in Grey???

  13. Harry Hygiene Says:

    That would almost be funny if you would take the time to actually read Follow Follow. They have a go at Celtic fans by describing their tops as GREEN and grey. You know, where the white is discoloured.

    Never mind eh, your still hilarious.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. rich Says:

    No great surprise that Celtic fans fail to understand the “grey and white” joke.

    As for Jim Kerr – I just don’t know what to make of that one.

  15. Damian Says:

    As for us winning 3 in a row – I have to thank Hibs (as well as others) – for this – to be honest – we couldn’t have done it without you – so you have my heartfelt thanks.

  16. go home to ireland then Says:

    3 yrs in a row, you must be proud, the most backward and rigged league in the world and you are proud of winning it. fark off back to ireland, and yes i do no what it used to be called u undereducated “not from the weedge” glory hunting pathetic little man…

  17. PC Stamp Says:

    Tell you what Alabama … you seem to be so up on your history that you’ll know that without Hibernian your team probably wouldn’t exist.

    You were 2nd not only to wear the green but also the hoops so try to remember your place when visiting your elders.

  18. Ticcy_paper Says:

    Surely a hibs supporter stole them first

    roon yez

  19. Toulanannananana Says:

    Says a lot for your pishy Edinbvrgh education system.

    Away n shoot up ya victim!

  20. rich Says:

    “Says a lot for your pishy Edinbvrgh education system.”

    That Celtc fans can’t understand the joke about their shirts being grey and white because they don’t wash them? You’re probably right, glory hunting Embra Celtc bassas.

    “Away n shoot up ya victim!”

    Says the man with an Amsterdam IP address.

  21. Big Gerry Bhoy Says:

    ooh the Edinburgh banter, the put down of put downs.

    There will be a lot of season tickets getting sent back to Parkhead with insults like this flying around and our GFITW tag clearly under threat.

    The Edinburgh banter -yeh cannae beat it.

  22. Dub Says:

    Alabama // Jun 10, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Colour blind? Little to be talking about you lot! You’re fans shame the green and have no appreciation of your roots. Most Hibees don’t even know that Hibernia is Latin for Ireland. I’m right, aren’t I?

    You really are a pathetic twat Alabama. How do we shame the green?? Is it because we dont go mouthing off bigotted crap like you and your equally unwashed brothers in Govan? No really, is that what you would class as shaming the green… You really are a pathetic individual if thats the angle you’re coming from.

    Incidentally, I suspect most Hibs fans can understand that Hibernian came from Hibernia in much the same way we all understand that Celtc came from Hibernian.

    Go and have a wash in whatever leftover bathwater there is from your mother/sisters bath and take a chill pill you arrogant celtc twat

  23. Andy Says:

    Bet most of you Celtic fans forget that YNWA was sung by Hibs before use….What a load of shite use talk….ohh and also we where the first club to wear the hoops dont forget ure history.

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