Nov 25

Celtic crashed out of Europe early again after taking the lead against the mighty Aalborg Boldspilklub of Denmark. Ex-Dundee United player Barry Robson put the green and grey hoops ahead but Aalborg fought back with a long range strike by Caca and an own goal by ex-Hibs player Gary “Calamity” Caldwell. Celtic are out of the Champions League and fail to go through to the UEFA cup with that place now taken by Aalborg.

It really makes me wonder whether there really is much of a difference between the Old Firm and the rest of the Scottish Premier League. Surely with a settled team, good manager and a bit of luck it should be possible to at least split them. I have a horrible feeling that other teams are intimidated by the Old Firm and the edge they have is as much psychological as anything else. Whilst they obviously have bigger squads and happily take their pick of the best players from other Scottish teams, they still have to play some very average / shite players, even in Europe.

Granted there is still a gulf between the Old Firm and the rest but if, say, three teams all started to take points off them regularly and at least one of those had a good run in the league who’s to say what could happen?

Financially things don’t look to good for Rangers. There could come a point where they can’t take their pick of other team’s players so easily – then their team would look very average indeed.

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4 Responses to “Celtic out of Europe before December”

  1. raraici Says:

    rangers are the best

  2. dyamour Says:

    hmm… i think the Rangers have lost a part of their “value”

  3. wobbler Says:

    Well, i think Celtic were unlucky with the draw in this years CL. In the later years i think that the Scottish teams have performed better and better, with this year as the exception.
    In the Scottish league i think it would be healthy to have more teams involved in the hunt for the national trophy.

  4. best Says:

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