Sep 01
Derek Riordan

Derek Riordan

Yes, Derek Riordan is back where he belongs – Easter Road Stadium – the Leith San Siro.  After a long and drawn out negotiation it was announced tonight shortly before 8pm. It’s a happy day for all Hibs fans as well as for Derek although the signing somewhat overshadows the signing of centre-half Bamba from Dunfermline.

Derek Riordan has barely been given a chance at Celtic Park and there have been loads of rumours that this was because he made sweet love with the managers daughter.  I’ve no idea if that’s true but it would be nice if he would f**k Strachan’s team by scoring a goal or three on our fixture against the SDBs on 25th October.

It’s been an ongoing saga which has bored most of us to death on message boards over the last month or two but after loads of people in the know saying it was a done deal ages ago it seems the deal has finally been done – well done guys, I never doubted for a minute ;-)

To celebrate, the official site has taken the evening off and is unable to deal with further requests for information.

It’s getting close to the hour where we can say Steven Fletcher is not leaving.  There’s not been a lot of speculation about him during the transfer window and it seems likely he’s going to stay.

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