Rebuilding Easter Road

Rebuilding the stadium

Since Sir Tom Farmer bought Hibernian Football club in 1990, three of the four stands have been rebuilt. The North (Famous Five Stand) and South (Whyte and MacKay Stand) were first, followed by the West / Main stand. It is expected the Chairman Rod Petrie will announce a schedule for rebuilding of the East Stand very soon as Hibs are currently in negotiations with contractors. The new East Stand at Easter Road may be ready for the season 2008-2009.

The West / Main Stand

The main West Stand now holds around 6,000 supporters. During the rebuilding of the West Stand in 2001, Hibernian FC installed a web-cam for fans to see the progress. A timelapse film has been made with the results…

The East Stand

The East Stand at Easter Road is still known by fans as “The East Terracing” despite the fact it has been all seated for years. The seats are backless which allows many fans in this area to spend much of the game standing, often on top of the seats. The East Stand is somewhat decrepit although the atmosphere is more lively than in other parts of the ground.

Hibs have planning permission to build the new East Stand as a mirror image of the West Stand. This is the most likely shape the structure will take. Rod Petrie has mentioned in the past that there would be consultation with fans over the building of the new East Stand, however this is unlikely to be to decide much of any substance.

The South Stand / Whyte and MacKay Stand

The Whyte and MacKay Stand, as it is now known was rebuilt in 1995. It is named after Hibs’ main sponsors, Whyte and Mackay who were supposed to rent offices in the stand. This deal fell through and the matter was quietly dropped by the Hibs board. It is the away supporters part of the ground although it does seat Hibernian fans during smaller games. The capacity is appoximately 3,500.

The North Stand / Famous Five Stand

The North Stand is similar to the South Stand. It was built at the same time and has roughly the same capacity. It is named after The Famous Five, Hibernian Football Club’s legendary forward line of Gordon Smith, Bobby Johnstone, Lawrie Reilly, Eddie Turnbull, and Willie Ormond.