Oct 16

There was a request for these pics on Hibees Bounce today. Happy to help out a fellow Hibby ;-)

A week later would have been the 6 year anniversary of the biggest Edinburgh derby victory since we humped them 0-7 in 1973.  The photos were taken on the morning of derby day. Some scallywags had plastered Jambo baiting slogans all over Crawford Bridge at the end of Bothwell Street awaiting the arrival of the mini-huns.

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flats of midlothian. coming to a bus shelter near you soonhappy birthday 6-2last time you won here you thought soviet subs were a new sandwich rangevladamir romanov will cut your funding offplease take a well needed scrub before entering the holy groundsix goals here - your sub is sinkingcrawford bridge 6-2can you remember 6-2

Albert Kidd

Albert Kidd

3 Responses to “Edinburgh Derby – winding up the Jambos”

  1. Stu Says:

    Excellent posters and great memories of walking across the Bridge that day! I laughed so much I was nearly sick.

    The thick as mince Jamboids are easy prey alright.

    ‘Mon the Hibs


  2. T Says:

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  3. Albert Kidd 2 nil Says:

    Where can these shirts be bought?

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