Jul 22
Rangers & Celtic partake in mutual fellation

Rangers & Celtic fans are known to partake in mutual fellation

Falkirk have rejected Rangers’ and Celtic’s demands for a 5% cut of sales they make to their supporters for away games.  The Bairns, who play Rangers on the first day of the new season, have decided to sell the tickets themselves and should have no problems in doing so.

Dundee United play Celtic on 17th of August, that being the next away game for one of the Old Squirm.  It’ll be interesting to see what line the Arabs take in this, as they will be next to show their hand.  Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston has already described the Rantic action as stirring up a hornets’ nest.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Hibs handle the situation.  Normally I would expect our board to act as spinelessly as they usually do but in this case, it’s about taking money out of Hibs’ pocket – and there’s no way any Old Firm thief is getting a chance to dip the Velcro sealed pockets of Farmer, Petrie and Lindsey.

If the clubs stick together on this, Celgers will have scored a massive own goal for their fans who will have to go out of their way to buy tickets from different clubs each week.  They will still sell out away ends up and down the country but it might be that there will be more local Huns and Tims going to the games than the usual sectarian rent-a-mob.  Maybe it’s a good thing after all?  I’d take characterless glory hunters polluting my street ahead of the pale, unwashed, nylon clad, bigot hoards that currently visit.

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  1. hibssevenil Says:

    who cares about the old firm are they not playing in the all ireland leagues yet.

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