Apr 19

The annual Edinburgh comedy festival took place in the Gorgie Suite in Tynecastle yesterday. Roman Romanov hoasted the 102nd and possibly last Heart of Midlothian AGM and, true to form, it turned into farce.

Romanov explained his team’s bottom six finish to the season by saying the league is “fixed” and Hearts were screwed by referees. Presumably all six teams above them have been bribing referees.

And it gets worse….

The Hearts chairman was unable to advise whether Roman Bednar is under contract with Hearts, Kaunas or A.N.Other.

He advised that he hasn’t installed a new manager because – “it’s very difficult to find a manager. Most managers are already out of a job” . WTF? If they’re out of a job then they’re perfect, surely?

Then the real bombshell, part I of the big stadium climb down:

“Finally we’re having real progress,” he said. “Now we’re just deciding which stand we want.

“If the fans don’t want a big complex we’ll put three or four options to them. Of course the final decision will be ours. If the public are concerned about debt we might go for a cheaper option.”

Who would bet against them building either the cheapest possible option or nothing at all?

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