Jun 17

George BurleyWilliam Hills have given odds on the first SPL manager to be sacked next season and guess what?  The favourite hasn’t yet been appointed.  But yes, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the new Hearts manager is the least likely to see the season out.

Personally, I think it might be worth against it because at this rate it doesn’t look like they’ll even have a manager for next season.

The odds are as follows:

9/4 Next Permanent Hearts Boss , 7/2 Jimmy Calderwood, 9/2 Jim Jeffries, 9 Mixu Paatelainen, 10 Mark McGhee, 12 Craig Brewster, 12 Gus McPherson, 16 Gordon Strachan, 20 Walter Smith, 25 Craig Levein, 25 John Hughes, 25 Billy Reid

A pound each on a few outsiders mightn’t be a bad bet, or it would be if it weren’t for Vladamir Romanov.

6 Responses to “Hearts new manager favourite to be sacked”

  1. karl kennedy Says:

    I bet you lot fell like idiots now?

    Mixu @ 9/1 looks a good shout this morning :)


    107years GIRFUY

  2. Jambo Jimmy Says:

    Ha Ha
    Mixus first you erse!!!!

  3. DEXY Says:

    Hearts have to appoint someone with a good Understanding of Scottish football and someone who is not frightened to make the right decision

  4. DEXY Says:


  5. DEXY Says:

    Why are all Hibs supporters all a Bunch Of Faggots ??????????

  6. Jorge Says:

    Hi Timbo. The summer sgnginis have been dissapointing, especially given how much I spent on them. It was a bit gamble and hasn’t paid off.I see what you mean about the formations. With 442 I am outnumbered in midfield against both types of 4231. I need to think of something different.I also see what you mean by what you can do I can do’. You believe I should match up in terms of formation and give them more of a game. Maybe that could work both changing my formation to counter the opposition, but also playing to my own strengths of attacking the other team. After all it’s all I know Lets see what the future holds. I think I’ve just reached this same point I always do in the game finding that I can’t progress my team as I’d like.

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