Apr 14

I’m getting a bit wary of continually writing about what’s going on over the other side of the capital as this is mainly a blog about Hibs…..HOWEVER….they just keep supplying such gold dust material. lol The demise of the guntmeisters part 2,232,512….

Front page of todays Edinburgh Evening News is a story about how Embra Cooncil are apparently a bit peeved at the fact that the Jambo’s are pissing them around regarding the complicated plans to rebuild the main stand at Tynecastle. Quelle surprise!

According to the EEN, “Senior Figures” in the Council have cast doubt over Hearts’ ability to redevelop the stand. Personally I find it hard to believe the Council ever rubber stamped it in the first place as it was and is never going to happen. If it does, I will personally volunteer to eat George Foulkes’ pish stained Y-fronts.

Delays and debt fuel fears over stadium

2 Responses to “Hearts’ Stadium Plans – Never Gonna Happen”

  1. Stu Says:

    It’s a long and painful death…and I’m loving it!

    Originally I was impatient and wanted things to end with an almighty BANG. I’ve now travelled to the conclusion that a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is much more fun!

  2. rich Says:

    You’re a cruel man, Stu. I can’t say they don’t deserve it though.

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