Hibernian History

What does Hibernian mean?

Hibernia is the Latin name for Ireland. Hibernian simply means from Ireland.

How did Hibernian Football Club start?

Hibernian Football Club was founded in 1875 by two of Edinburgh’s Irish immigrant community in Edinburgh’s old town. The area around the Cowgate and St Mary’s street was known as ‘Little Ireland’ in those days. Michael Whelahan came to Father Edward Hannan and the Catholic Young Men’s Society with an idea to start a football team in order to play against the other teams on the Meadows. The name Hibernian was chosen by Michael Whelahan and Hibernian Football Club was founded on 6th of August 1875.

Erin Go Bragh

The motto of Hibernian Football Club was also chosen; “Erin Go Bragh” – Ireland Forever. Hibernian’s green colours and the emblem of a green flag with a harp (the Irish flag at the time) were chosen too.

The club played at the Meadows for several years after the founding of the club. Hibernian did not move to Easter Road until 1880.

Hibernian team in 1884