Hibs Casuals

In the 1980s and 90s, Hibs’ Capital City Service had a reputation as one of the top casual firms in Scotland.  Stories of the casuals escapades are often exaggerated and prone to a lot of romanticism but several of the more well know names involved have released books about their lives.

Most recently, Andy Blance released Hibs Boy: The Life and Violent Times of Scotland’s Most Notorious Football Hooligan which has apparently been selling well.

Not too long ago a book about the CCS was released by Derek Dykes. These Colours Don’t Run: Inside the Hibs Capital City Service also provides the obligatory tales of Capital City Service legend. How much of the stories told in these books is true is highly debatable (just take a look at the Amazon comments) but there is no doubting that there is a big market for them and that they can be an entertaining read.

Bradley Welsh was featured on Danny Dyer’s show The Worlds Hardest Men. Unfortunately I can’t find any clip on YouTube but here’s a link to the Scotsman article at the time. I really enjoyed this show – I’m not sure if it was Welsh’s personality (it definitely wasn’t Dyer’s) or just that there was a lot of wandering around Edinburgh in it with Bradley Welsh talking at 90MPH about his exploits.