Sep 26

A search for Hibs on Google reveals one of the official site URLs with the title “Visit Trevster’s Homepage”.

hibs official site

Trevster is Stuart Crowther’s mate from the days.  Trevster also owned for some time but now works with Crowther on the official site.  Since the new official site was launched, a number of the additional domains owned by Hibs have not been redirected properly to the main site.  Instead pages with no titles have been put up with the message:

Hibernian FC has moved. The normal URL for the Hibernian home page is with the alternative – this page will redirect you in 30 seconds.”

Not exactly a great user experience and technically something of a problem.  The official site being presented as “Trevster’s homepage” doesn’t look very professional.

The solution, if anyone from Hibs is interested, is firstly to add proper titles to these pages.  This will stop Google from using link text from Trevster’s profile.  Secondly they should add permanent (301) redirects from this and all the other Hibs domains to the main domain at  This will sort the problem in Google, ensure users are taken directly to the new site and also have a number of other benefits that are too geeky to go on about here.

2 Responses to “Hibs Official site renamed “Trevster’s Homepage””

  1. billy young Says:

    yogi is under delusions of grandure again if he thinks hibs will be europe this century falkirk springs to mind? ha ha

  2. meadow boys Says:

    hibs casuals get real we will see on the 9th

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