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Official - Hibs mad about the net

Okay, so you're mad about Hibs but where is the best place on the net to get more information and talk to other Hibs fans? There are loads of Hibs sites on the internet, they come and go all the time but a few stalwarts have hung around for a while...

If you've come this far by searching then you've more than likely found the Hibs official site before this. The Hibernian Official site, like most official sites, has been going for years and, like most football club sites, it was really poor for a long time. The site was handed over to some amateur volunteers who had previously been involved with Hibs.net. They improved the site and introduced Hibernian Interactive as well as more content and regular updates. The site looks a bit dated and navigation is poor but there are a lot of information and stats once you find them. Hibernian Interactive shows live games over the internet, for a fee, to foreign subscribers and shows highlights of every game. The service seems to be used in the main by ex-pat Hibs fans although it represents good value for money for home based fans when compared to other Club sites.

Forums and message boards

HibeesBounce.com has been around for around six years. It has been described by Sir Tom Farmer as "irreverent" and Irvine Welsh said of it "I know that if I'm going to get slagged off it'll be on HibeesBounce before it's anywhere else." I think he meant it affectionately. No holds barred chat, a good level of debate and no text speak ;-)

Hibs.net used to be a Rivals site until they dumped Scottish teams. It's more middle of the road than the HibeesBounce but there are just as passionate fans there discussing the Hibees.

Masshibsteria.com came from the popular fanzine which has appeared to be on it's last legs of late. Not as busy as the other two sites but the site has a friendly bunch of regulars.

Hibernian-mad are the Hibs section of a national football forum website. Decent guys who have some good exclusives from time to time.

These are the main Hibs forums on the net, there loads of other Hibs sites too. Do a Google and have a click around, the supporters club sites have some good stuff as do a couple of others and then there's any number weird free hosting sites which are mostly total Colin. Enjoy...