Apr 12

Hibs season ticket details for next season have been announced this week. The Hibs marketing machine has been in full swing, sending out glossy mail shots and changing the front page of the official site to something that could only be described as unprofessional by anyone in the website business.

So what’s on offer? Well, a few pages in, the headline is “Save Up To 80% On Walk Up Prices!” which sounds great but obviously is a lie unless you’re a Hibs Kid under five getting a ticket for the Famous Five lower. Normal fans will be paying English Premiership prices as usual.

To encourage you to purchase early there is an offer of a voucher for £5 off a new away top and a free trial of Hibernian Interactive. Kevin Williamson put it better than I ever could, “Fuck me. Hope I dont get crushed in the stampede.”

So, there’s no real incentive to renew, it’s more expensive than ever, it’s unlikely we’ll be splashing the cash on new players in the close season and for East Standers like myself, we’ll be getting shifted to the South when construction of the East starts. Will I be getting a season ticket next season? Of course. Along with everyone else.

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