Sep 10


No Team GB - Preserve Our Independence

No Team GB

Anyone watching Scotland beating iceland tonight would have seen a big banner for which is a site promoting the preservation of all four home nations’ status as international football teams.

I support this 100%, if we let Team GB go ahead it’s a slippery slope to that becoming our only team.  Also, it seems so completely pointless.  So what that we won’t have a team in the Olympics?  It’s crap anyway, I can’t even remember who won this year’s Olympics and didn’t watch a single game.

Anyway, go to the site and have a look.  Here’s a quote from Tam Ferry, spokesman for No Team GB:

“What is clear from discussions with our members, the real fans of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not wish to be footballs in this political stunt. As fans, we are proud of our individual teams and countries and enjoy the friendly rivalry with our close neighbours. The four British Football Associations have a privileged and unique independent status within world football as the founding fathers of the game and due to saving FIFA from bankruptcy in 1947. For many years now there has been pressure from the International Football community to merge under one team, with one FA and with single membership of FIFA and UEFA.” 

“The Olympic Football competition is a low profile Under 23 competition that no-one in this country has ever shown any interest in. Who can remember the winners? None of the fans groups want to be a part of anything which might jeopardise the future of our national teams. 

We back the SFA and FAW stance against the forming of an Olympic Football team and would ask the FA and the IFA to ignore the unwelcome political pressure and remove their backing for an Olympic Football team for the 2012 Olympic Games.”

2 Responses to “No Team GB”

  1. Tam Says:

    I think you’ll find every bank’s shares are going in the same direction. Seen the Royal Bank of Scotland’s lately?

  2. Ronnie Maclean Says:

    Message to Gordon Brown: Shove ur GB team where the sun don’t shine!
    From all the exiles in Stavanger Norway!

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