Nov 18

Rumours are mounting that that there are players, ex-players or officials from Rangers Football Club on the recently leaked BNP members list. The list can easily be found on Google. A prize for the person who spots the first Hun on the list.

Edit: Unable to find any rangers players and think it’s probably just a rumour. I don’t think the rumours of it being two Scottish footballers are true either. Bob Malcolm’s name is definitely not there.

Edit 2: 930 visits from people typing things like “rangers players bnp” or “rangers bnp list” into search engines. I think it’s safe to say there was a strong rumour ;-)

12 Responses to “Rangers Players on BNP members list?”

  1. Ridiculous Says:

    As this allegation has turned out to be completely unfounded, which you yourself admit, I hope you will remove the claim from your blog before legal action is taken against you for your libelous comments.

  2. admin Says:

    I didn’t make any allegation, I questioned the rumours which are appearing on websites around the world and subsequently debunked them.

    Someone’s a bit touchy – Hun or BNP supporter? Or both?

  3. Kip Kane Says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re all huns mate. There’s one in my home town in Shotts. He lives 471 yards away from me. I hope nothing happens to him.

  4. joe Says:

    you didn’t question anything, there isn’t a single question mark in your paragraph. You made a silly embarassing allegation which was found to be untrue why don’r you go get a life instead os spreading this sort of nonsense about on the web?

  5. George Says:

    Joe – there is a question mark in the headline. There is no allegation, just a mention that rumours were circulating. What is embarrassing is how easy it was for people to believe Rangers would have some involvement in the BNP list. What does that say about the club?

  6. Thomas Says:

    There is no smoke without the fire so maybe it’s best that we take care and base our decisions accordingly.

  7. paul scott Says:

    how man ex celtic players members of sinn fein anybody can make up this bile get a life follow follow!

  8. BNP supporter Says:

    I am not a BNP member but I voted for them in last years European elections, even if a footballer was a member of the BNP, it is a legal political party with 2 democratically elected MEPs, so what’s the problem? I wonder if there would be such an hysterical response if the Islam4UK or UAF membership was posted online? The BNP are the only party that acknowledges the lunacy of uncontrolled immigration, Labour have destroyed this country and rather than speculate on unfounded rumours look at the damage Bliar and Clown have done, the negative impacts of uncontrolled immigration and surrender to the EU, the strain on jobs, housing, education, public services and find ONE benefit of our current immigration policy, not to mention the asylum fiasco and the uncountable number of illegal immigrants.

  9. BNP (gold member) Says:

    And the blood on Britains hands after bombing people in Iraq Afghanistan and now Libya.. hmm i wonder who sold them all the weapons to begin with ?. Dont listen to this “white only ” bullshit you read in the media. we have a sikh who is our special islamic advisor (Mr Rajinder Singh) and numerous chinese members down in England. Ther BNP is the only party that can sort this embarrasment of a country out.

  10. admin Says:

    The BNP can’t even sort themselves out as they proved in the last election. Get a grip you racist scumbag.

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