Jun 26

Heart of Midlothian Football ClubThere are murmurs among the discontented but apathetic Hearts support that there might be a return of the Save Our Hearts campaign which was in full swing when Chris Robinson planned to sell Tynecastle to Cala Homes and move the club to Murrayfield.  It’s been discussed in private on Kickback and they have now made the discussion public.

Here’s my suggestion:  Get a time machine and continue the campaign from when The Pieman left the club.

I think it’s difficult for fans of any most clubs to believe that Hearts fans have done the square root of bugger all since Vladimir Romanov ripped the soul from their club and made them the laughing stock they are.  Some of them still think he’s going to pull through and build a stadium, wipe the debt and win them the Champions League.

Anyway, I support the efforts of the few Hearts fans who are actually attempting to do something, they should be applauded for attempting to save the club they (misguidedly IMO) follow.  It’s easy to sit and mock from afar when your own club is in secure financial shape with a benevolent if not exactly inspiring owner (and I should know) but remember 18 years ago, Hibs went down a similar road that Hearts are on now.  It took the efforts of the Hands Off Hibs campaign to avoid being taken over by someone who was happy to wipe the club out.  The point is that the fans have to make that effort.  Who knows, it might not be too late for the Jambos to save what’s left of their club.  Time marches on though…..

In other news, Romanov’s chief attack dog Charlie Mann is to part company with Mad Vlad.  His employer, Weber Shandwick “are to cease any involvement with Hearts’ majority shareholder from the end of this month.”  Public Relations will now be dealt with in-house.  No reason given, make up your own but first here’s a quote from Mr Mann in 2007, “Don’t worry, things aren’t as bad as you fear…. When you see people like me walking away, that’s when to worry!”

Strangely, Charlie will be part of the panel, along with Hibs Blog favorite George Foulkes for a Talk 107 debate/discussion/pagger about Hearts on Friday 11 July from 6.30pm.  It’s going to be live so let’s hope George Foulkes is in his usual state.

Finally, I’d like to report on the imminent departure of Shaggy Fail but Hearts managers getting the heave-ho is hardly news is it?

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  1. Soccer Videos Says:

    Even though he has not not yet done much good I believe Vladimir Romanov is heading in the right direction. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to go forward. Once the debt is wiped the rebuilding will begin. I Hope : )

  2. Chelsea london lad Says:

    Hibs are,the underclass of edinburgh !!,

    Junkies . Drunks , jail birds , on the dole

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