Jun 15

SPL logoThe SPL have used a company called Optimal Planning Solutions to work out the fixture schedule for next season after they completely botched it up over the last few seasons and resorted to blaming fictional “fixtures computers”.  Criticism has mounted over the last few years and since it now seems to be affecting the Old Firm too, something has been done.

This year the SPL claims to have taken the following into account as things to avoid:

  • Celtic or Hamilton playing away from home on the first game of the new season
  • Clubs having to play four out of five games either home or away.
  • Long journeys in midweek or over the festive period.
  • Clubs having to play two successive home or away matches several times.
  • A lop-sided home or away balance to midweek matches.
  • One club having three home or away matches against another.

Notice there is no mention of attempting to get an Edinburgh derby at New Year.  Still, if they manage all of the above, it’s got to be an improvement on last season’s woeful fixture list.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

No doubt the SPL fixtures copyright Nazis will be out in force, attempting to shut down any website who publishes the fixtures without their overpriced license.

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