Jul 24
steven thicot

steven thicot

Okay, we lost 6-0 to Barcelona tonight, you can read about it everywhere else. In the second half, a new player came on and it appears to be a 21 year old French player, Steven Thicot. Here’s a translation from the French Wikipedia.

It has all the hallmarks of a few other not great signings we’ve made in the not too distant past. He looked reasonable tonight with the ability to pick out a pass but it wasn’t really the game to be judging players.

The announcer called him “Steven Thicot” when he came on rather than “trialist” which suggests he has signed for the Hibees already.

Good luck, Steven Thicot.

3 Responses to “Steven Thicot – Hibs new signing?”

  1. sunshine-on-leith.blogspot.com Says:

    I’m THICOT (sick of) Rod Petrie as we are spiraling downwards and will be the richest team in the first or second division.

    It is time to stop selling oh wait a minute its too late.Our midfield cannot link up with defence and a atack because the guy who did that signed for the MIGHTY COVENTRY.lol

    have your say on my blog

  2. warren Says:

    I am THICOT,THIC OT rod petrie running down our squad to make himself look good.Shades of Blair with his weapons of mass destruction

  3. Halaty Says:

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