Jul 17

Only kidding, ya bunch of fannies! Feel free to leave a comment….

Note for fans of the first team to wear the green – they’re like flies round Celtic park when they hear any news about whatever Euro-journeyman they’re about to sign.  It’s fun to snare a few….

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62 Responses to “Tamas – Celtic deal is off”

  1. jockmc Says:

    You got me.

  2. Football Fan Says:

    I suppose you need some method to get people to view your site…

    You are the bag of fannies me thinks…

  3. Mcgubligan Says:

    You bored?…Get a fkn job or a hobby bawbag!

  4. Delighted Tim Says:


  5. MONAHOOPS Says:


  6. Tapas Bar Says:

    Aiden McGeady has signed a new five-year contract with Scottish champions Celtic.


  7. delabhoy Says:


  8. Paul Says:

    give him his due… at least he admitted it was a steaming pile of keech…

    would that some, ahem, journalists be so honest about their “exclusives.”

  9. Celtic Sephiroth Says:

    I actually thought this was quite funny. =^)

    Speaking of euro-journeymen

    Elfsborg anyone? ;^)

    Celtic Sephiroth’s last blog post..McGeady follows Boruc and McDonald with long term contract

  10. gallagher Says:

    Riordan back to leith free and a million knocked off Steven Fletchers price for the start of next season as he’ll be replacing big Jan then. You know it makes sense and what’s more is you know it’ll happen!!! Hail Hail to the championees

  11. my better half is a Hibbee Says:

    Couple of things

    1. If we are like flies – does that make you the Shite??

    2. Tamas = Euro-Journeyman?? yes, he has played more than one game in europe, or does getting pumped out the intertoto by a part time outfit mean you ahve a european pedigree noww

    3. Will you PLEASE take Killen back!!! We’ll chuck in O’Dea for a season loan if you do!

    4. Hope this helps the hits on your site – hate to see you going he way of another diddy team – Gretna


  12. tonyb Says:

    What was the aggregate score against IKEA United again?

  13. Joe Says:

    Very good lads, you really got me!!!

    No need to buy any more lads from your team, been there, done that!!

    By the way, very funny last season when you were singing to Gary Caldwell “Whats it like to sh@g a hun”, good work.


    Over by Christmas

    Kenny Miller ha ha, You cant make it up!

  14. Fraser1888 Says:

    F**kin prick!!!

  15. Hibbee7nil Says:

    Why would they hang around Celtic Park when players get announced up at Lennoxtown? Other than that…………………naw, p!sh really.

  16. hairlikespaghetti Says:

    well done, do you get paid for hits on your site?

    Anyway, congratulations on your Euro campaign there – good to see you doing your bit for the countrys co-efficient!

  17. Hibs news that pish Says:

    unprecedented. You made this up because A) Hibs got smashed by swedish goat herders in intertoto 1st round and you want to divert attention B) You get more excited by Celtic news than that of your own team C) you are just a fandan.

  18. shamrock67 Says:

    Euro-journeyman ??? are you for real ? your mob wont be seeing much of Europe since your ever brief foray in the inter-toto cup was ended by – Barcelona , AC Milan – cant remember which one it was now you f**kin muppet . HAIL

  19. Tam Says:

    Oh the East Coast drug induced banter!

    I hope your clubs new commercial manager Darren Jackson brings all the rewards you deserve sir

  20. 3IAR Says:

    Best of luck in Europe in the Inter DhoDho Cup,…..em…. er…………..MMMMWWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!
    Whit a showin’ up!!! HO! HO! HO!
    FANNIES????? HO! HA! HA! HA!

  21. Vincent Says:

    Talking of European jorneymen? Who were the team off part time office cleaners who humped the mighty Hibee’s in the fabulousily exotic and highly regarded Inter-Toto Cup, named presumably after the wee dog in ‘The wizard of Oz.’ A proper trophy for tinmen and binmen.

  22. tonyb Says:

    Never mind. If B&Q submit a team for next year’s Interdiddy Cup you might manage a goal against them.

  23. chris Says:

    spamming cunt

  24. Bocca Says:

    Oh the hibees are gay

  25. celtrick bhoy Says:

    fletcher deal on, cmon over to my place.steven fletcher signs on at paradise

  26. Naw-am-Urny-Bhoy Says:

    Brilliant! Well done that man.

  27. TheBhoyKev Says:

    This is slightly amusing, the whole first team to wear the green comment is interesting, I suppose we all cling to our history in the end. However on the basis of Euro journey men i would say we are looking at a bit of jealousy, Samaras is young and a victim of the Man City money situation. The guys we are looking at are young and ambitions, number of clubs doesnt really matter, i’d have Anelka anyday! Anyway, enjoy the scrap for runners up all you first team to wear the green fans.

  28. Paul Says:


  29. Tartan Hoop Says:

    Haha, i have to admit that was pretty funny but it’s true… probably the most hits this site has ever had coming from Celtic fans which you had to spread news on a transfer we know will all but make a big difference (or so i hope!)

    Alas, i’m going back to a real website for some real news on a real champions team. Catch you later, fans of a feeder team who cannae get past round one of a cup named after a dog! :)

  30. danboo Says:

    Hook, line and sinker! And for all my brother hoops – get a fuggin life, hibs are our cousins, older cousins at that!

  31. FUCK CQN Says:

    Good to see some funny journalism/utter shite for a change. I see the pretentious twats from cqn have been on talking their usual brand of ‘lazy’ shite.

    Bunch a arse-lickin bawbags!

  32. StevieS Says:

    Got to admit it. I found it funny too. Fair play to you!

  33. EAMBO THE TIM Says:


    FU€K THE JAM TARTS!!!!!!!!

  34. Honestbhoy Says:

    Well done , reeled me in!

  35. eddie Says:

    Ya Big Basturk!!!!

  36. supertim Says:

    very funny, got me ( not that its hard to do ) not as funny as watchin all you junkie poofs gettin fucked and dying on trainspotting ( wiz that yer maw? ) still, yer mair fun than the gorgie huns Fuck the gers Mon the hoops

  37. FLANNYBHOY Says:


    MOAN THE HOOPS!!!!!!!
    UP THE RA!!!!!!


  38. Mick Says:

    Ya Bunch a BawBags!!!!

    Get Yer Gums Ruin These Plums .

    Nice one all the same! Wearing of the Green!

  39. Davie Bhoy Says:

    Very funny. I did wonder why your site had an exclusive that the proper sites didn’t have…but I still had to look. Well done..

  40. garry reid Says:

    yar a fanny your maybe the first to wear the green but you have done fuck all since you wore it your just our feeder club you could say yous are our bitch

  41. Bangkokbhoy Says:

    Previous 3 posts, 7 comments.

    Post about Celtic and it’s like Sauchiehall Street on Christmas Eve.

    Where have all the Hibs fans gone? Probably following your players to the west where quality winning football is played!!!

    Mind you, at least one of you on the east coast retains a sense of humour, unlike Mr 1.54 pm who feels left out ’cause confuses pretentiousness with brains.

  42. Big Bhoy Says:

    thought you lot would be much more interested in the news about Tynecastle

  43. HatboroCelt Says:

    Got me as well. Maybe you can challenge the Huns for second place and be the first “green” team to finish behind Celtic!

    Up the Celts!!!

  44. DMC Says:

    Hibs, a once proud team who turned into a bunch of sell out bastards.

  45. Paranoid Timdroid Says:

    I hope you claim royalties for this exclusive when its published in the red tops tomorrow.

  46. wicklowbhoy Says:

    well done got me too. quite funny really

    BUT on the wearing of the green first yes you did but you lot seem to have forgotten where your green came from ie hint is in your club name

  47. JIG Says:


  48. GreenGhirl Says:

    Ha Ha Ha…..Brilliant – You got me 2!

    Hail! Hail!

  49. Jason McCabe Says:

    Fannies ?? Who repeatedly wins fuck all ? Yes you got it. Nice stitch up though, good luck next season against the huns and the wee huns.

  50. Cassano Says:

    Class. Got me!

  51. gsdg Says:


  52. mr wright Says:

    thanks for scott brown , derek riordan , didier agathe , john collins ect ect , your only ever going to be a feeder club , what a shame.

  53. Lennons Love Child! Says:

    Nice 1 , had 2 have a look – Tell Scotland’s Shame they have only themselves 2 blame we are going 2 win 4 in a row!

  54. TRUEBLUE Says:


  55. roofus Says:

    ha ha got me ya bam pot.

  56. NN Says:

    You shall be reported to the trading department of the news spider.

    Pleas refrain from any further hoax news stories.


  57. We Do Not Fight With Chains Says:

    Aw well we aw hate the ranagers (bastards). Hail Hail.

  58. ally Says:

    you got me,couldn,t stop laughing.

    now for 4 in a row

  59. sdstim Says:

    Ach ya wee so an so ye:))

    I suppose as there is NEVER any news about Hibs worth 2 secs attention you have to write something. Ya Fanny!!

  60. paddy the bull Says:

    why boast about being the first team to wear the green when you disgraced it the name and the colour hibs were in on it to get the tri colour barred from parkhead

  61. jamabhoy Says:

    lol. Good effort.

    Best of luck for the season mate.

    hail hail

  62. Hibs Sevenil Says:

    Nice Post

    lots of those wannabe Irish people biting

    Gers and Celts should play in am all Irish league if they love the place so much.Be a great league without them and the ferries would still do lots of business and the gers fans from belfast would save a few quid.

    COME ON THE OTHER TEN TEAMS (who want to be scottish)

    apologies to the non biggoted gers and celts fans who come from glasgow or have family from glasgow,the rest should support their local team ,shame on glory hunters

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