Apr 23

Rumours abound that Tommy Burns is seriously unwell and has possibly died already. Sad news if true but most interestingly, how come none of the major news sources are reporting it?

For the record, it sounds like he’s on the way out but rumours of his death are unfounded.

15/05/08 Edit: It was announced today that Tommy Burns has now died. Very sad news for Scottish Football and obviously, for his family and friends. RIP Tommy Burns

5 Responses to “Tommy Burns, dead.”

  1. your a sick person Says:

    how would you feel if it was one of your own

  2. rich Says:

    Eh? I’d be gutted if it was one of my own.

    What on earth are you upset about? When this was written three weeks ago, there were rumours that TB was already dead. I wrote that I thought the rumours were unfounded (which they were) but that it was likely he would die soon, which he subsequently did. I don’t understand how that makes me a sick person.

    For the record – you are an idiot.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Did it make you feel important “breaking” the news that Tommy “might be dead”.

    For the record – you are an idiot.

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